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How to Market Your Business ?
First What is your business ?
Second what type of needs do your potential customer have ?
Third where would your potential customer look to find your service ?
Once you have all that figured out, you can then start to market your services. There are so many people in the world today and you never know who wants or is interested in your service. As a customer sometimes I find that I am interested services after finding out about them. So your ultimate goal is education. What do you do, how do you do it and your Business contact information. You can write ads, blogs, post classfieds. You can make flyers and business cards. I have always used for all my printing needs.
You have some things to consider; can I only market locally or can my business be marketed nationally.
When marketing locally you have to stick with the local newspapers like Sun Sentinel, Happy Harold, The Good news, Today's Parent etc...
If you can market Nationally your potential is endless. There are many ways to get the word out, you just need to find the right media for your product that has the readership to support you.

The Power of Target Marketing
Everyone is in sales, we all have a product or service to offer everyone.
What is your product or service?
Who wants your product or service?
Think about it, who are the people who have purchased your products or services in the past?
So lets evaluate this is a little more.
If you owned a Children’s consignment shop.
Who is your target market?
I would say Mom’s with little kids.
Now mom’s with little kids don’t want to spend a lot of money on children’s clothe’s because children grow out of them very quickly.
So how to reach mom’s with little kids?
Well mom’s with little kids read parenting publications.
So I would research every Parent’s magazine and see which ones I like and I trust.
I only advertise in publications that I like and trust. I generally choose publications that are Free for the public and are distributed at schools, libraries and museums.
Then I would research the cost per issue. How many customers would I need to cover the cost of the ad? Does that seem reasonable?
Now with the ad the publisher can help you that’s what they do for a living and it’s usually Free.
Do some research on your potential customers see who they are and where they go and what they read and Now you are Target marketing.

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