Mommy Mentors Project
Mommy Mentors University And Teleseminars
These informative seminars done in the privacy of your home, help you decide which home-based business is right for you. By joining our tele-seminars, some of which are FREE, you can gain insight, guidance and ask any question you like.

  1. Want to know how to market your business?
  2. Do you need to increase your sales?
  3. Are you wondering how to find the key to successful networking?
We look to make your experience with Mommy Mentors positive, practical and prospective for business and information. Consider the tele-seminars for efficient information and great connections.
If you have a thought, concern or suggestion , please use our contact button and someone will answer within 5-10 days.
There are helpful hints and information in our tele-seminars.

Week 1:-

The benefits of a home based business
On this call we will be going over the benefits of having your own home based business.
Time Flexibility, tax benefits, income opportunities

Week 2:-
Choosing the right home based business for you
Choosing the right home based business for you may not be as easy as it seems.
You may have many interests but what is going to give you personal fulfillment in your professional life.

Week 3:-
Balancing your job, home based business, family and activities
When you have a career you know that everything else comes last. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose to schedule your career around the important things in your life.

Week 4:-
Resources for Building your home based business
When starting a home based business there are many things that you will need.
You may need a business phone line, cell phone, PC, fax machine etc…
You can utilize the internet in many ways to get your business out there and exposed to many people.

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