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  Child-Centered Divorce - by Rosalind Sedacca, CCT [more]

Baldwin-Basinger would have benefited from Child-Centered Divorce

In his long career, award-winning author and divorce attorney, Ed Sherman, has experienced it all -- the acrimony, bitter custody battles and prolonged legal dramas played out in courtrooms day after day. According to Sherman, “in our adversarial system, courts are a forum where people are expected to fight – it’s designed
that way!” Little wonder so many couples facing divorce have been led into an ordeal that ultimately benefits only the divorce attorneys. With the Alec Baldwin-Kim Basinger case just the latest in a never-ending progression of high-profile examples of our legal system at its worst, it’s time to step back and take the sound advice of attorney Sherman. Read more.
When Children of Divorce Act Out – Caring Parents Step Up

Divorce, like life, is rarely neat and packaged. This is especially true for divorcing parents. The reality of divorce comes with unexpected twists, constant frustrations and times of utter helplessness when children act up or pull away.

Here are three tips for coping with times when your children are venting, lashing out or expressing their own frustrations about being caught up in a family adjusting to separation or divorce. Read more.

Child-Focused Custody – Putting Down the Boxing Gloves

A recent article I read in a Florida newspaper talks about proposed changes to child custody legislation. An investigative committee is being formed to consider whether “shared parenting may be the best custodial situation for all children of divorcing parents.”

While I am a strong advocate of shared parenting – it worked very successfully for me – I do not believe it’s the right or only answer for everyone. Because every situation is different when it comes to divorce, I certainly don’t believe legislation should be determining custody outcomes for any family. These are issues that caring, conscious parents should be deciding together with only one goal in mind – the very best interest of their children. Read more.

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